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Dentistry With Holistic Biological Approach

Since the very start of our Dental Practice has a philosophy to educate the patients so they can clearly understand their dental and health conditions and see what options available to them. Every person, every condition and case is unique. We want to help you make an informed decision and we allow you to make your decision together with us. You are welcome to ask any questions at any moment.

Our goal is to achieve for you a healthy, beautiful and long lasting, self maintainable dental condition. We are trying to workout the treatment option which is best for you and is financially acceptable.

Our warranty is that we provide to best of our knowledge and experience for the best result possible.

Dr Serge A has  40 years experience and is a world class specialist.

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How much do you care about the health of your teeth and mouth?


Safe Amalgam Removal

Safe amalgam removal is an extremely important procedure. Unfortunately, 99% of practitioners removing or replacing amalgam fillings do not use safety equipment, safety procedures and protocol.

Root Canal Treatment

Not all root canals are the same, but we do it with bio-compatible materials, perfect preparation and sterilization of canals  ideally hermetical seal to the best possible outcome.


Bridges are made with special ceramic material, which is very durable , wear resistant and very long lasting.  At the same time it looks like perfect natural teeth.


Implants are the best choice when you have to replace old root canal treated teeth
The implants are made of unique metal like substance called titanium, which is perfectly bio-compatible and solid: impervious non porous material which is not going to absorb ( hold ) any toxins and renders a healthy replacement.

Periodontics Treatment

We use a very effective laser treatments, holistic herbal treatments and a whole body approach when considering your overall medical condition.


Fillings are the most frequent and popular affordable tooth restoration. Today, there are stronger, denser and more durable materials available.


Crowns are the only choice when the tooth has lost much of its strength and structure. Our crowns are made with special ceramic material, which is very durable, wear resistant and very long lasting.  At the same time it looks like perfect and natural teeth.


Dentures are removable teeth assembled on a plastic or metal frame. It is a more affordable option to have teeth when many of them are missing.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our dentist has unique artistic vision, perfect colour and shade  perception, which allows to compose beautiful smile designs, exhibition  grade restorations at the same time naturally blending with specifics of the face .

Veneers, Onlays and Inlays

We use the newest ceramic materials; and only the BEST of everything; best bio-compatible; best aesthetically and cosmetically. The ceramics are perfectly bio – compatible and aesthetically indistinguishable from natural teeth.

How much do you care about the health of your teeth and mouth?
Do you wish to have a charming smile and teeth?
Do you want to be comfortable and happy with your teeth for a long time?
You can get it all here at our clinic.
You do not have to live your life with discomfort or suffering originating from your teeth, a bad smell from your mouth or an ugly smile.
All your issues will be always explained and addressed from start to finish.
You will get best results possible and that is what you deserve.

You can book your appointment right now.
The first step is a thorough examination and consultation with experienced dentist Dr Serge


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Dr. has been my dentist for 2years, as soon as I moved to Canada, my husband recommended Dr. to me. Dr. is a very caring person and has a much professional experience. He has been taking very good care of my teeth. During regular check-ups he and Ofelia make sure all my teeth are healthy and preventing any problems with my teeth. He and his assistant are very senitive people, they make my teeth fixing the least painful things. Dr. 's office has a very convenient location (it's close to the Skytrain station)


I was told by a few of my friends that a root canal treatment is very painful after treatment and can give you lots of trouble years after treatment. To my surprise I did not feel any pain, not in treatment, and not after.
Alter Bio Dental has lots of new technology gadgets and I guess it helps to do a perfect job.

I advised all of my friends: “Go and See Alter Bio Dental — You Do Not Have To Suffer”

DM Family

My front veneers and cosmetic crowns made a huge difference in my life. Soon after all the work I got a job I always wanted and I always feel good about myself. It seems people respond back smiling. I wonder how did I live before Alter Bio Dental did this dental work for me. Thank you,  Alter Bio Dental


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