Alter-Bio Dental - Holistic Biological Dentistry in the Tinseltown area of Downtown Vancouver

Alter Bio Dental

Biological Dentist Vancouver


The team of Alter Bio Dental practices whole body dentistry- holistic dentistry.

Located in Downtown Vancouver, on the outskirts of Yaletown, and Tinseltown area, we welcome all that are interested to learn about our view on dental conditions and treatments.

Our commitment to you is that we strive to provide safe, long lasting dental work, helping you achieve a healthy smile in a vibrant body.

Our philosophy is to educate all our clients, help them understand their dental conditions and the link between a specific condition and their overall general health, and guide them through the available options of treatment, guaranteeing that we will do our best to get the desired outcomes.

We keep in mind that every person, every condition and case is unique, and we do not believe in a formula for all people. We treat each individual as a unique and very specific person.

We strive to help each patient make an informed decision regarding the options available to them, and we will take the necessary time to allow you to make your decision together with us.  You are welcome to ask any questions at any moment. There is no one option of treatment, there are always few, and each will decide based on the overall health conditions and ultimately costs. We work with other dental practitioners, traditional speciality practices, naturopathic doctors, homeopaths, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, massage therapist, chiropractors, herbalists, and others.

Our goal is to achieve for each of our clients, a healthy, beautiful and long lasting, self maintainable dental condition that will complement your lifestyle. We are trying to work out the treatment option which is best for you and is financially acceptable.

Our warranty is that we provide to best of our knowledge and experience for the best result possible, using the latest materials and technologies, available around the world.

Holistic Dentist in Vancouver – Dr Serge Agafontsev