Biological Dentistry

Biological Dentistry

Biological dentistry is also known as holistic dentistry or alternative dentistry. It is a field of dentistry that promotes the well-being of patients by considering their physical well-being in relation to their dental health. The focus of this type of dentistry is to identify areas of oral health and structural dysfunction which may be negatively impacting the general health of a patient. Various treatment methods are considered by biological dentists and the methods that are least toxic, least invasive and least traumatic are used to treat and diagnose patients. Additionally, it also supports the natural ability of the body to health itself and regenerate.

Benefits of Biological Dentistry

  • Rather than using quick fixes, the dentists take their time to determine the best and healthiest treatment method for the patient and any underlying problems are taken into consideration. – It is healthy since no toxic materials are used and if the patient has any toxic materials such as amalgam fillings, they are carefully removed and replaced.
  • It offers complete care as dentists works closely with other alternative practitioners such as dental specialists and chiropractors. Differences Between Conventional and Biological Dentistry
  • The dental materials used by biological dentists are also quite different from the ones used by conventional dentists. Conventional dentists use materials for filling cavities without testing for biocompatibility in order to determine whether your body will react to the materials or not. The patient therefore do not have a say on which material will be used to fill his/her cavity. However, unconventional dentists test composite materials for biocompatibility since they know that anything that is oral can have an overall effect on your body. Hence, they have many different composite filling materials available just in case a patient reacts negatively to one of the materials.
  • Mercury fillings is another topic where biological and conventional dentistry differ. Conventional dentists use mercury fillings on patients. They consider mercury fillings to be safe since they are completely stabilized and only a very small amount of mercury will leak. They also say that it is easier to place mercury fillings compared to composite fillings and that they last longer. On the other hands, unconventional dentists are completely against mercury fillings. Even though very small amounts get leaked into the body, they say that it is toxic and will negatively affect the general health of the patient. Mercury fillings have also been noticed to exert a lot of pressure on the tooth thus weakening it gradually.

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